St Vincent de Paul
East Kilbride

The Parish of St Vincent de Paul is located in East Kilbride and is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Motherwell.

Services Streaming Live

Daily Mass from Monday to Saturday

9:30 am streamed live here.

Sunday Mass

6pm Vigil, 10am, 12 noon and 4pm Sunday all streamed live here.

In God’s Image

In God’s Image

We are revising, IN GOD’S IMAGE the Safeguarding Policy Manual of the Catholic Church in Scotland.

Change to Saturday Mass

With the increase in numbers able to attend each Mass to 90 we no longer need the Saturday morning Masses to be celebrated as Sunday Masses.  Saturday Mass will go back to our original time of 9.30 and will be the Mass of  Saturday.  There will be no 12 noon Mass on Saturdays.  Saturday at 6pm will be the Vigil Mass of Sunday . This will start from tomorrow 5th June.

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Numbers at Mass increased to 90

Hello again everyone. thankfully I seem to be getting better although still have no voice which is obviously a problem.

I wanted to add a note to say that in the light of recent guidelines we have looked at what we can fit into the church with a 2m separation now that the arbitrary 50 limit has been raised.
Given the way people have been booking family groups mostly rather than single individuals we have come to the conclusion that we can fit considerably more people in.
To give you an idea of what I mean if everyone one came as an individual (alone with no one else in their bubble attending) we can fit 3 per row with social distancing.
Similarly if a family of 4 or even 5 booked we can fit all of them have a 2m gap and perhaps fit another couple
– so 2 bubbles one of 5 and one of 2 with a 2m gap for a total of 7 people in the same row that could only take 3 individuals.

Obviously this will mean we need to continue to be strict on the face-coverings, hand sanitizers and restricting moving round the church. The only toilet available will continue to be the disabled one and we that for emergencies only. Unfortunately congregational singing is still not allowed.

With all that said I have increased the number of available tickets on Eventbrite for Sunday masses to a total on 90.

If this becomes a problem we will of course keep it under review but it is good to be able to open up for significantly more people. As always tickets can be booked at

This does mean we will need to make sure we allocate seats efficiently and in the worse case if 90 individuals come use the hall and the side chapel as overflows but, looking at how families groups have been coming over the last year I think we may be able to avoid these overflow measures but we will keep the option open.

God Bless and I hope to see and perhaps even talk to you all soon.
Fr Ivan

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Update from Fr Ivan

It seems weird to only be able to communicate this way, I still have no voice ☹️ I have further tests at Hairmyres this weekend which will hopefully help.

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Being Catholic Website

The Bishop’s Conference of Scotland Pastoral Ministry Working Group has been giving some consideration to various ways of facilitating access to online resources to support those who are unable to attend their local parish church during these times. The Being Catholic website some resources that can be used in different pastoral settings: prayers and devotions, catechesis talks and a youth section.

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