St Vincent de Paul
East Kilbride

The Parish of St Vincent de Paul is located in East Kilbride and is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Motherwell.

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Daily Mass from Monday to Saturday

9:30 am Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat.  Wednesdays at

Sunday Mass

6pm Vigil, 10am, 11.30am and 4pm Sunday all streamed live here.

Our Church

Forty years ago, Fr Martin O’Keeffe, parish priest of St Vincent de Paul Church in Greenhills,watched by his parishioners, blessed the site where the new church was to be built, then cut the first piece of turf, assisted by Mr John Mooney chairman of the parish council at that time“

Some of you may remember the solemn opening of the church here in Greenhills when Bishop Thomson of Motherwell dedicated to God and placed under the patronage of the great St Vincent de Paul a fourth new Catholic church in East Kilbride. A warm sun shone out of a cloudless blue sky then the bishop and a procession of 30 priests entered the £300,000 building which seated 500 people and served a five year old parish. Until the church was built, the 3000 Catholics in the Greenhills district worshipped in St Vincent’s School on Sundays. Previous to that worship took place in a house in Plover Drive.

Forty years have passed with many priests serving our great parish, some of whom are regular visitors to the parish.The church was originally a dual purpose building with a church hall adjacent to the church. In an effort to boost church funding,volunteers would faithfully go round doors, on a weekly basis, collecting funds for the building of the parish. This communication and, in a way, evangelisation, helped to bring people to the church to join our spiritual celebrations and also social celebrations.

Vestments, Tabernacle, Holy Water Fonts, Candle Holders and a host of other gifts for the church and sanctuary were gifted by the parish and friends.

Following permission from Diocese of Motherwell and after great deliberations and response from parishioners, an extensive renovation programme took place in 2004, resulting in the beautiful church and hall we have today. The church and hall were dedicated by Bishop Joseph Devine 2005.Our recently refurbished side chapel has been dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament where parishioners are able to visit the church at any time for private adoration.

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